quarter pipe killer!

Cody Mac's a beast on the quarter! copy and paste this link and you'll see what i mean.


Release the Beast!



NY State of Mind

Went to NY for a couple days and met up wit Phelps. Got rained out, there for this is all the footy i came back wit. It was mad fun tho. Cant wait to go back.

On the way back home hot 97 played this new Jada. I had recently heard it before but forgot about it, and hearing it on the radio made the song that much better. If you like rap then you're guaranteed to fall in love with this track, peep!
From Now Till Then (FuLL) - Jadakiss


The Best Of (a Millie) Remixes Mixtape

Heres 34 tracks of all kinds of rappers flowin on the "a milli" beat. I still think jada was the best personally. Speakin of "a milli", the carter 3 is set to drop june 10 but was leaked by Chuck T (a mixtape dj) sometime around last weekend, simply because, on track 35 of this mixtape, wayne says fxck all mixtape djs. I wonder how the album sales are gona look!


Maybach music and Malto

Malto keeps it real at the berrics

I'll say "true" to a instant classic like this!
Maybach Music - Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z

This Friday @ Black Sheep



Tees & MCs

Best believe im gettin this tee soon...

Just came across this track not too long ago...HOT!
Hate Runs Deep Remix - Saukrates


Throwback Ent.

I cant do nothin but knod my head everytime i hear this throwback jam. Too bad they didnt come out with nothin else tho hahaha!
I Got 5 On It - Luniz
Throwback collabo part from James Craig, and Danny Garcia. This part is from one of my favorite old school skate videos, "One Small Step". I still watch it till this day cause its that good. Ill post some more parts from it soon, but for now, enjoy!


Videos and Flows

Here is some throwaway footy my homie Josh Payne put on the phelps' site (filmedbyphelps.com)of me and my other homie Diego from about a week ago.
this is what we came out with in about 3 hrs of skatin.

Meanwhile Jada destroys the "A Milli" beat


Outkast is official!

I've been a big fan of "Outkast" since way back, and dre straight killed this beat. Peep!
Royal Flush (ft. Raekwon & André 3000) - Big Boi